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How do I pay a parking penalty?

There are several ways to pay your parking penalty

What is a parking penalty?

In the event of non-payment or insufficient payment during an on-street parking inspection, an information notice is placed on your windscreen with the amount of the adjusted parking penalty. You have 72 hours from the time the parking penalty is issued to pay the reduced amount by one of the following means:

  • in the PayByPhone application
  • at a parking meter by bank card or with cash (coins only)
  • on the dedicated web page by bank car

Pay your parking penalty online

How much is the parking penalty?

The amount of the parking penalty is:

  • €17 if paid within 72 hours
  • €30 after 72 hours

The amount of the parking fee already paid is deducted if the maximum parking time has not been exceeded, i.e. 2 hours in short-term zones and 8 hours in long-term zones.

After this 3-month period, and in the absence of payment, an enforceable order issued by ANTAI will cause you to incur, in addition to the unpaid parking penalty, a €50 surcharge. You will then receive a notice at home indicating the new amount to be paid, which replaces the original parking penalty payment notice. The collection of the parking penalty and the surcharge will be handled by the Public Treasury (Trésorerie Amendes for your registered domicile).

How can I challenge an FPS?

To contest a parking penalty, send an appeal (“RAPO”) within one month of the parking penalty being issued:

  • Either via the dedicated online service on
  • Or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to:
    • DiviaPark, BP 50929, 21009 DIJON Cedex, by completing the downloadable RAPO form

DiviaPark will have one month to decide on the appeal. Failure to respond within one month will be equivalent to a rejection. Filing an appeal will not suspend the time limits for payment of the parking penalty.

There is no obligation to pay the parking penalty before submitting an appeal. However, if the appeal is rejected, you will have to pay the full amount of the parking penalty, i.e. €30. If the appeal is rejected, you can refer the matter to the paid parking dispute committee (CCSP), located at 2 rue Edouard Michaud - 87100 Limoges; you must pay the parking penalty beforehand. However, the committee may issue a fine of up to €2,000 for any request that it considers abusive.

We recommend using browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome to challenge your parking ticket online.

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