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Bus&Tram accessibility

DiviaMobilités, an accessible network for everyone

Offering accessible and efficient services to all users and inhabitants of the 23 municipalities of the Dijon metropolitan area is a priority for Greater Dijon.

  • Considering the needs of people with disabilities, enabling and facilitating their trips.
  • Offering high-performance services adapted to all passengers is a priority for Greater Dijon and DiviaMobilités.


  • 100% of tramway trains are accessible
  • 100% of buses are low-floor, to facilitate access for passengers with reduced mobility
  • 100% of buses are equipped with ramps for wheelchair access
  • 100% of vehicles (buses, trams, City shuttles) have signed, reserved spaces on board


Ground markings: Many bus stops and 100% of tram stations have platform markings that allow wheelchair users and visually impaired people to know where to position themselves to directly access the dedicated tram/bus door.

The blind and visually impaired can use a remote control to access TOTEM kiosks at stops and stations that indicate the waiting time before the next bus or tram arrives. The voice information available on board the vehicles always announces the next stop, ensuring critical peace of mind for easier travel on the network.


This project sponsored by the City of Dijon has several objectives: to improve traffic flow on the network's main bus lines (Routes L3 to L7 and Corol), to increase passenger comfort, to optimise connections and to make bicycle and pedestrian travel safer.

The "Prioribus" project in figures:

  • 86 stops with restored accessibility
  • 120 junctions with bus detection and traffic signal priority
  • 13 new information sign posts at multi-modal transfer hubs
  • 52 new digital passenger information kiosks
  • Replacement of many posts at bus stops with bus shelters

These new urban improvements are in addition to the 25 kilometres of dedicated bus lanes.

Visit the City of Dijon's website


This is the on-demand transport service that Greater Dijon provides for people with reduced mobility who live in the metropolitan area.

Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur la page du service DiviAccès.


A website and a mobile app for everyone!

The site you are currently browsing has been developed according to the latest RGAA digital accessibility standards. It is compatible with text-to-speech software and allows users to amplify colour contrasts for easier reading. The DiviaMobilités app features a voice assistant, which allows users, in roaming mode, to submit vocal requests (next bus/tram, route assistance, etc.) to help them on the move.

Discover the "Mobility Coach" on the app.


To make the Divia Bus&Tram network easier to understand for the blind and visually impaired, documentation in large print is available at the Keolis Dijon Mobilités head office at 49 rue des Ateliers in Dijon. This document shows all the stops for each line of the network, indicating the various existing connections. To receive this documentation, please contact Mobigo on, by e-mail ( or by post to Keolis Dijon Mobilités.