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If you break the rules

on the Divia Bus&Tram network


If, despite all the advice on how to travel legally on the Divia Bus&Tram network, you have been fined, here are the different ways to pay the penalty:

  • Ticket vending machines (located at all tram stations): payment can be made no sooner than 2 working days after the ticket has been issued, using the 9-digit ticket number and date of birth shown on the fine notice. Payment in cash (up to €20) or by bank card.
  • On the spot to the inspecting agent: payment can be made at the time of the offence with cash, cheque or bank card (except for fines of €5).
  • DiviaMobilités relay points: payment can be made at the partner relay points listed on the "DiviaMobilités Relay Points" page when you buy a DiviaMobilités voucher in the amount of your fine. Affix this voucher to the fine notice in the space provided and send it to:
    • Keolis Dijon Mobilités - Claims Department - 49 rue des Ateliers - CS 47380 - 21073 DIJON Cedex.

See DiviaMobilités relay points

  • By phone on : payment possible every Wednesday between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. by bank card.
  • Cheque made out to "Keolis Dijon Mobilités": submitted at the DiviaMobilités retail branch, 16 Place Darcy in Dijon, or to be sent by post, along with your duplicate copy of the fine notice, to:
    • Keolis Dijon Mobilités - Claims Department - 49 rue des Ateliers - CS 47380 - 21073 DIJON Cedex
  • DiviaMobilités e-shop: payment is possible by bank card under the Bus&Tram section, on the "Pay a fine" page

Pay a fine

Nature of the offence Immediate payment on the spot Deferred payment Beyond 20 days
PASS Subscriptions or connections not validated €5 €5 €24
PASS Voyages or Liberté not validated €50 €72 €122
No ticket €50 €72 €122
Smoking €50 €72 €122
Disorderly conduct (excluding smoking) €130 €150 €200

You have a period of 20 days to pay this flat-rate fine. Beyond that, your fine is increased. If you do not pay within 2 months, the fine notice is sent to the Public Prosecutor and you will then be liable for an enhanced flat-rate fine, ranging from €180 to €375, to be collected by the Public Treasury.

Furthermore, if you believe that no offence was committed, during this same period you can submit a substantiated claim by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the Claims Department, which will forward it to the Public Prosecutor.

Warning: if your case is rejected, you will be subject to criminal prosecution.